Glamorous Furniture//Little Hunter by Aphrodite Shop

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I am back with more new releases from second life which I am sure will leave you all breathtaking .Let me show you what’s the newest must have release..

Aphrodite Shop is one of those stores which always leaves you speechless with their latest release .They have a variety of styles you never know what their next release will be .I was very happy when they joined our list because I am a big fan of her store and without doubts I enjoy blogging their products.

The newest set that’s available on marketplace and also in world is “”Little Hunter” .As the names itself says ..this is a bedroom for little kids ,but a very well done with high quality textures .The set includes: baby crib (10 animations for mom alone, father alone or both together), Animated mobile with sleeping song , 4 different baby animal in logs frames , Forest mirror, Baby camo animated wardrobe , ‧ Working On/off lamp, Stump forest Bed side table , Matching Rug, Animated open-able curtains ,toy horse,4 forest bear toys.As you can see this set includes many wonderful objects.

I am also presenting another Aphrodite Shop release which can be bought separately : “Loving Family” Nursery Chair. *They may use ANY PRIM BABY with this furniture, doesn’t matter which scripts they got, regardless of the manufacturer.It also comes with many different animations from feeding the baby to watching it sleep .It also comes with many rezzable stuffs that makes this experience a lot more realistic .And as the store owner says,this is a must have since your first virtual pregnancy month to the last .Very entertaining for both moms and dads .

So as you can see ,the latest releases from Aphrodite Shop focuses on kids .If you love kids ,or if you want to have a kids room in your house I definitely recommend to check this release.
-Store List-
Bedroom Set : Little Hunter – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Aphordite Shop Marketplace

Chair :”Loving Family” Nursery chair for Mom, baby & Dad – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Aphordite Shop Marketplace
Bedroom Set:Aproxim 70 Land Impact

Chair:5 Land Impact


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