Glamorous Furniture//Trompe Loeil Cobble Hill Living Room

Good evening my blog readers .I promised to you that I am going to be back soon with more new releases..and so am I .Get comfortable on your couch ,get a cup of coffee and find out what’s the newest release in term of furniture.

Trompe Loeil is what I call “masters of interior decorating “ .All their stuffs are breathtaking .I am telling you ,every time they release something new ,I have to redecorate my house simply because I fall in love with the new release they offer to us .

This time they are bringing to us a living room set named “Cobble Hill “.The first thing that I loved at this release were the many different texture versions and style versions( for example for the armchair you have the option with pillow ,or with blanket or simple) ,same with the couch .The set also includes the coffee table ,endtable ,ottoman ,storage bench,framed pictures and lamp .I also used the lighting from her previous rustic cottage .

I played a bit with other products from my inventory like :Dutchie magazines ,the piano carpet,AppleFall cup of coffee ,but what I wanted to do is to focus on the living room set .A slurl to the mainstore is available under this text.

-Store List-
Living Room Set: Cobble Hill –Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Available at Trompe Loeil mainstore
Available at FaMESHed
Armchair: 2 LI(simple) or 3 LI(+blanket/pillow)
Sofa:3 LI(Simple) or 4 LI(+pillow)
EndTable: 1 LI
Coffee Table: 1 LI
Storage Bench: 3 LI
Framed Pictures: 1 LI
Ottoman: 2 LI
Total:19 Land Impact

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