Glamorous Furniture//Porowha Reef House

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I am back with more new releases from second life which you should definitely check . I always take my job serious ,I like blogging a lot but sometimes real life keeps me so busy I hardly get a minute for second life .Luckily from time to time I get these days when I can while away blogging new products.

Today’s new release is from HEADHUNTER’s ISLAND a respected store in world owned by Eduardos Ducatillon which is known thanks to their fabulous tiki style .In case you didn’t hear about them yet I recommend you all to check their mainstore .

The new release is something that left me breathtaking .The building is named “Porowha Reef House “ and is without doubts one of Eduardos’s best release .It comes with many options that can make your time spent in this structure a lot more enjoying .

I was amazed to see that it comes partially furnished .The exterior is fully furnished ,and probably the masterpiece is presented by the well done hot tube which I find it amazing .Also the curtains come with changing texture version.

So if you haven’t check this building in world yet ,I recommend you all to press the slurl under this text and take a visit of Eduardos Ducatillion’s mainstore ..or if you are to busy you can check it on marketplace !

-Store List-
Building : Porowha Reef House– Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore
Available at HeadHunter Marketplace
Prims:118 Prims


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