Glamorous Furniture//The Sierra by Maven Homes

Hello Glamorous Furniture .God ,I was so busy in real life ,hardly got a minute to log in second life .Luckily this weekend I didn’t have to much work to do ,so I managed to create a new presentation for you which I am sure you will love .Like always I am presenting you the hottest news in the virtual world.

“Maven Homes” is one of those stores that never stop amazing me with their new releases .Each new one is better than the previous :better textures,better style,better working technique and so on .This is why I recommend you all to check his store in case you need a new building on your land.

His new release ,is one I associated immediately with Heidi ,the mountain girl . That’s because we are talking about a cottage style structure ,but which will fit perfectly on any land .It is named “The Sierra” and is the newest and one of the best Maven’s releases .

I know space can’t sometimes be a problem ,but not when we talk about “ The Sierra” .It has no less than :2 bedrooms ,2 bathrooms ,1 great room ,1 kitchen +dinning room ,1 game room. You have the chance to decorate all these wonderful spaces with your furniture (for the kitchen and bathroom you have some pieces of furniture that matches the entire building)

The building also includes a home control system which :can turn lights on and off ;light color adjustment, windows tint and opacity , Security system with radar controls access to house ,doors locked or unlocked system .

As you can see you get everything you need together with this marvelous building .I recommend you all to check Maven Homes store for a more detailed preview of the building .Good luck shopping and don’t forget I will be back soon with many other releases !

-Store List-
Mansion : The Sierra– Maven Homes/Designer- Cain Maven
Available at Maven Homes Mainstore
Available at Maven Homes Marketplace
Prims:332 Prims Land Impact

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