Glamorous Furniture//Chalet by Abiss

Good evening my readers .Since my time is more and more limited I am trying to show to you only stuffs that I am sure you will adore .In case that you missed the notecard sent in world ,Abiss released a new stunning building .Let me show you more..

Abiss is one of those stores which always leaves me breathless with their products .First class textured ,high quality design and always good looking style are the keys to their success .They are the best! If you have not bought a piece of furniture from Abiss you have no clue what fabulous means.

The new building I am presenting you is named “the Chalet” and it’s available in both mature and pg version (it only depends on your needs *smiles*).It’s made to be used as skybox but because it’s well done style you can easily turn it into a land house.

In the pack you get the structure ,one sofa which is named “Polymatic” and the bed “Wave”.Also thanks to the hud you can access by pressing a Controller you can change the building textures into “Day” or “Night” ,you can also activate the snow feature through this script.

It’s definitely time to get a new home and the new Abiss building Chalet is a great match. Like always I included the slurl to the mainstore and also marketplace link ! Good luck shopping and see you soon.

-Store List-
Building: the Chalet –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available at the Chalet Marketplace

Prims: 94 Land Impact with furniture included


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