Glamorous Furniture//Luxury Fantasies Bedroom by Aphrodite Shop

Hello my friends! Late Valentine post ,but since everybody loves bedrooms I think this deserves to get posted especially because the set was done by such a great designer.

I am convinced that all of you remember Aphrodite Shop!They products really covered all my blog this week thanks to their stunning releases.I am always happy to blog their latest creations and always looking forward to seeing more.

As is said I’ve for today’s presentation a breathtaking bedroom named “Luxury Fantasies bedroom “ .The set includes: bed ,bench ,lamp table ,wardrobe and rug .Also if you want to buy only the bed you can easily do that too!.

Animations are the key to the success of Aphrodite Shop .Each product comes with poses which leave you speechless .The bed includes around 220 high quality animations : solo ,tender,breakfast ,sleep,passion ,activity .Also many come with rezzing scenes too and this also gives this design a more realistic style.

In the end I must tell you that this is without doubts a must have .Because of that I would recommend you all to check their mainstore for more releases or their marketplace .Will be back soon with other designs from second live !

-Store List-

Set : Luxury Fantasies bedroom – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Luxury Fantasies bedroom Marketplace
Available at Luxury Fantasies Bed Marketplace

Prims: 19


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