Glamorous Furniture//Opera Bed by Abiss

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I spent all the week getting ready for a real life wedding so I haven’t got any minute for second life .After drinking some glasses of wine and dancing for hours it is finally over .Now I’ve got the time to present you one of the latest releases from Abiss which I am sure that will let you speechless.

Abiss is without doubts one of the stores which always releases very high quality products.I am a big fan of their designs and can’t tell you how happy I am when Frasha gives me the chance to present her new releases.

What I’ve got for you for today blog post is the “Opera Bed”.You can easily customize it with your favorite colors in order to fit with your home .It also includes over 600 animations from PG to Adult ones.The set also includes 2 console tables :first one with a vase with flowers and the other one with a lamp .

In order to be able to have a better idea of how this new release looks I invite you all to Abiss mainstore to check it .See you soon with more releases!

-Store List-
Set: Opera Bed –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Bed: 11 LI
Console Table with lamp: 3 LI
Console Table with flowers: 6 LI
Total Prims:20 Land Impact


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