Glamorous Furniture//Scandinavian Barn

As you might know 2 extraordinary designers joined their powers and created the brand that sooner or later I am convinced it will become a famous one .I am talking about Apple Fall and Scarlet Creative who just released their new store “Scarlet Apple”

The new release which I am presenting to you is the “Scandinavian Barn “.I first saw that on my google reader page and waiter for Apple Fall to send it in world . After I got it I started taking pictures wanting to post this on Glamorous Furniture as soon as possible.

The entire building is made with high quality textures ,everything looks so realistic . The house is copyable and modifiable .It’s very easy to use,just prepare your land …rez the box and it’s done. I decided to put this building on a beach island because I miss summer(it’s so cold in Romania!) .

Soon I will be back with more new releases from Second Life. .Until then I invite you to check this building at Apple Fall mainstore.!

Structure:Scandinavian Barn – {SA}/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns/ Charlotte Bartlett
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at Collabor 88
Prims:244 Land Impact


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