Glamorous Furniture//The Foxtail Loge by Trompe Loeil

Before telling you more about my first post of 2013 I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and thanks for reading all my posts of 2012 .Now let’s get back to the first blog post of the year .Trompe Loeil just released a new house which I am sure you will all simply love.

I discovered Trompe Loeil a long time ago when the designer impressed me with her stunning designs.Since then I decided to blog every single new item she releases.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when my google reader informed me that Trompe Loeil has a new building release named “The Foxtail Lodge”.This home is very spacious ,actually it has 5 lovely rooms. The style reminds me of the comfortable mountain buildings which I love .

I also recommend you to check this building in world for a more detailed view .I will be back soon with more new releases!

-Store List-
Building: The Foxtail Lodge –Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Available at Trompe Loeil mainstore
Available at FaMESHed
Total:210 Land Impact

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