Glamoros Furniture//Christmas with Apple Fall

I love Christmas Eve. I already decorated my tree ( I change the color of my decorations every year *haha* this time they are silver and seems like they fit perfectly with my living room ) . One of the main reasons why I love this day is because I can stay in bed all day long ,without having to go to work and wait for Santa(still hoping he will bring to me some gorgeous high heels or maybe a beautiful skirt).. but until then I am happy to announce that Santa arrived in Second Life and brought me some breathtaking items by Apple Fall.

Apple Fall was probably one of the stores that I will always be proud of being able to get them on my designer list .Their products are simply stunning .If you visit my home land you can still find some skyboxes designed by him around the place .The quality of his products is simply stunning.

For this year he designed some lovely stuffs to fit in your comfortable ,warm room.What I am showing to you today is the lovely “{af} Advent 7 “which includes the well done fireplace with it’s decoration .Also I though that the “{af} Advent 4” which is the chair would fit perfectly with this set .Am I right?

I will be back soon with more new releases from Apple Fall ,until then I have to run in the kitchen to take care of my Christmas cookies .See you soon and Merry Christmas.

-Store List-
Fireplace: Advent 7 – [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Chair: Advent 4 – [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore

Fireplace: 9 Land Impact
Socks:1 Land Impact
Lights:4 Land Impact
Chair:1 Land Impact
Total:15 Land Impact

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