Glamorous Furniture//Winter at L&K

Christmas is almost here and honestly I wanted ,first of all, to show you something that I personally thing would fit simply perfectly for this fantastic holiday .I am also going to present you a gorgeous store which just joined our designers list .Ready to hear more?Get your lindens ready because the following set is a must have without doubts…

The new store I am talking about is L&K .They were kind enough to offer for us some of their latest products to show to you .I was so happy when they sent it to me ,especially because I am in love with their products and of course because I am always happy to blog something new .

I have no idea from where to start .There are so many release .The first one is the structure which can be found at their mainstore with the name of “Winter Greenhouse”.I was always in love with small buildings with glass walls .The rest items which I used can also be found at their store .As you can see they were made to fit with this building .The furniture pieces include : Sleepy Bones bed(on white and black) ,Butterfly bench and stool ,Daisy Pot,Old iron pot,Table Lamp and the splendid Rust Tea Set.

As you can see L&K has prepared many items for this Christmas .Get your bags ready (and your pockets*hehe*) because we are going shopping .Just click on the slurl under this text and you will be teleported at their mainstore.!

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Structure : Winter GreenHouse – L&K /Designer Luana Dawg
Bed: Sleepy Bones bed – L&K /Designer Luana Dawg
Bench and Stool: Butterfly – L&K /Designer Luana Dawg
Pots : Daisy Pot,Old Iron Pot – L&K /Designer Luana Dawg
Set: Rust Tea Set – L&K /Designer Luana Dawg
Available at L&K Mainstore
Available at Marketplace Page

Rust Tea Set- 7 Prims
Sleepy Bones Bed- 6 Prims
Butterfly Bench- 2 Prims
Butterfly Stool- 1 Prim
Pots- 2/ 1 Prims
Winter GreenHouse- 29 Prims
Total:48 Prims

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