Glamorous Furniture//[Circa] for this Winter

This is my last post before I go to watch the 6 part of the Saw series (you can call me a horror movies fan) ,even though I have many other Christmas releases for you .Make some space in your home because here it comes the latest releases from Circa (and some older ones too)

Circa is one of the stores that I discovered during this year Home and Garden Expo .I was so in love with her style and products that I decided to invite her to join the Glamorous Furniture Designer list .As you can see she agreed and now I’ve got the chance to show you her winter releases.

I was a bit busy in real life the latest months so I wasn’t able to blog all her products .But since it’s Christmas(and most of her designs fit this season) I asked myself why not to put them in a presentation?The set includes: “Boho Winter” Set , “Nevia” Set, “Starry Night” Set, “Sun Spiral” Mirror and Sculptural Blizzard Topiary

Now that you know what she got for this Christmas I recommend you all to check her mainstore for more products .I included a slurl under the text.

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Sets: Boho Winter – [Circa]/Designer- Cherelle Capra
Sets: Nevia – [Circa]/Designer- Cherelle Capra
Sets: Starry Night – [Circa]/Designer- Cherelle Capra
Sets: Sun Spiral – [Circa]/Designer- Cherelle Capra
Available at Circa Manstore


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