Glamorous Furniture//New Year Party Set

Good Evening Glamorous Furniture .Are you ready for some new releases from second life?I promised you I will try to blog as much as possible(probably because I am so in love with New Year and Christmas stuffs) .And yeah.. you already guessed ,I’ve got for you for today’s blog post something to fit in your house during these 2 events . Let me tell you more..

I discovered Aphrodite Shop some weeks ago ,and I am telling you that since then I couldn’t stop myself blogging every new release .They are simply stunning ^^ I am always so happy when they send me a notecard through their group informing me that they’ve got something new.

This new set I wanted to show to you is a perfect match for New Year Eve. It can be found under the name of “New Years party ready!”. The pack includes many stuffs that can be very useful like: Food ,Ballons ,Champagne + glasses, New Year Letters,animated banner .Reall one of the best stuffs for this event I ever saw in the virtual world .

So now I have everything..i am only missing the guests ,but I am sure they will arrive soon .Until then don’t forget to check their marketplace link and mainstore ^^.

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Set : New Years party ready Set – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at New Years party ready! Marketplace Link

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