Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Furniture Store

Good evening Glamorous Furniture! It’s Sunday and this means it’s time for more new releases . I was so happy when I managed to get in touch with Frasha from Abiss to send me her latest release for my blog .Believe me you will simply love this building.

Abiss is what we call the crème de la crème of this industry .Frasha and Oggy are for sure doing a fantastic job and each of their release is a must have .Their latest product is this store building named “Fashion Store” and as you can see it’s 99% mesh ,that means Frasha is offering us very high quality textures(like we got used) at a very low prim number.

The building also comes in 2 different styles :the small one and the large one(which is actually the small one plus it’s mirror version) .The details are simply stunning ,very low prims and extremely low lag. I am telling you this is a must have for every designer!

As you can see I am a very big fan of Abiss products .Probably that’s the main reason why I love blogging their creations .I am looking forward to seeing more products from their store!

-Store List-
Building: Fashion Store –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available on Abiss Marketplace

Prims=85 Land Impact


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