Glamorous Furniture//Winter with Trompe Loeil

I have a lot of work to do in real life ,so this will be my last blog post on Glamorous Furniture for today (I am not going anywhere ,tomorrow I will be back with more new releases). But until then I need to show you a gorgeous new release that I just got in my inventory some minutes ago .

Trompe Loeil is without doubts one of the best stores when we talk about landscaping stuffs and houses .Honestly I am so proud that I am one of their bloggers ,every new release is a must have !

Since it’s Christmas ,and outside is snowing like hell I can warm myself in front of the fireplace of the “Frostbite Cottage” ,the new release .It comes in different colors but I decided to show you the white one .The entire building is mesh so like we got used ,they deliver to us the best texture ..

Another new release (which I included in today’s blog post) is their Loveseats and Club Chairs Corduroy.Same as the house many textures version are available at the store but I only got the chance to show you the black one .

I am sure that nobody can convince me that Trompe Loeil is not one of the top stores .Just take a closer look at their mainstore and believe me that in no time you will agree me .See you soon !

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
House: Frosbite Cottage–Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Furniture: Loveseats and Club Chairs Corduroy –Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Available at Trompe Loeil mainstore
Available at Collabor 88
Building: 80 Land Impact
Sofa: 6 Land Impact
Armchair: 3 Land Impact
Total:89 Land Impact


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