Glamorous Furniture//-JoHaDeZ- “Poetic Lover’s Fireplace”

Good morning Glamorous Furniture .I am back on the blog with more news from second life .Luckily I finished my work for the Christmas expo [which by the way was gorgeous] and now I can focus more on my designers.

I discovered ~JoHaDeZ~ store by mistake while I was searching on flickr for some new clothes .I immediately felt in love with his designs so after asking him if he wants me to blog him products ,I started presenting to you his creations.

Since it’s Christmas we need to get our inventory full with this season decoration .The new release from the store is actually a fireplace which would fit perfectly in any home .You can find it in second life under the name of -JoHaDeZ- “Poetic Lover’s Fireplace” .I am sure everyone will simply adore it’s front changing texture script .It was so much fun adding it in my house.

You can check my previous posts for other releases from this store .I will be back soon with more releases but until then you should take a look at Johadez mainstore .See you soon !

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Set: Poetic Lover’s Fireplace -~JoHaDeZ~ /Designer- Johnny Hardstone
Available at ~JoHaDeZ~ Mainstore


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