Glamorous Furniture//Achromic Mesh Home

As you know I can’t stay away from you and I definitely can’t stay away from new releases. That’s why I am bringing to you a stunning new release from one of the top second life designer .As you can see from the pictures I am talking about a building , actually a home .If you want to find out more continue reading…

Creative Decay ,without doubts ,it’s one of the second life designers that create stunning must have stuffs and homes .I was so happy when the designer im-ed me today asking if I can blog one of her newest release ..and of course my answer was a big YES.

The new building is “Achromic Mesh Home” and as it’s name says it’s a mesh product ,that means that the designers offer us new release at highest standards. After I rezzed it I knew I have to make something special for today’s post simply because this beautiful design deserves our attention.

The home comes with furniture pieces for each room ,but neither of them are attached for the building ,so in case you want to do some modifications and add a bit of your style that’s possible .By taking a closer look you will see that this is a modern very realistic looking structure.

Believe me that space is not a problem .You have a breathtaking bedroom that includes a make up table too (I already know where I will spend my time this weekend *laughs* ), a huge living room with a dinning corner ,a very private terrace and of course a very well designed bathroom.

By presenting you this new home I hope I convinced you all that this is definitely a must have .Like always I included the slurl and marketplace link under the text .I will be back very soon with more releases.

-Store List-
Building+Furniture(Mesh): : Achromic Mesh Home V1 – Creative DecayDesigner- Evhalyn Serpente/ Tamera Snook
Available at Creative Decay Mainstore
Available at Creative Decay Marketplace
Prims:439 Land Impact

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