Glamorous Furniture//Chrstimas Tree Minimal by Poetic Furniture
I promise you this is going to be my last post for today! I can’t go to bed before presenting you one more item designed for this Christmas ( I think now you all understand how obsessed I am with Christmas stuffs)

I am happy to say that a new store accepted me as one of their bloggers .I am talking about /~JoHaDeZ~ owned by Johnny Hardstone .After reading this presentation I am sure all of you will discover what a great designer he is!.
He was sweet enough to send me as his first product to be posted on the GF blog his last release “ Christmas Tree “Minimal” “.As you might observe ,you need a mesh viewer in order to see it at its best .It is also scripted in such way that every time you press one of the decorations it will start rotating ..that’s a lot of fun! And the good thing is that it only has 21 prims

We definitely need this in our shopping bag for this Christmas .That’s why invite you all at his mainstore ! I will be back tomorrow with more new releases from the virtual world, xoxo Ama

-Store List-

Obect: Christmas Tree “Minimal”- ~JoHaDeZ~ /Designer- Johnny Hardstone
Available at ~JoHaDeZ~ Mainstore
Total:21 Land Impact


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