Glamorous Furniture//NsB Charly lobby & Ines skybox
I am still alive my favorite readers ! I decided it’s time to change a bit my style of blogging in order to be able to deliver more blog posts and to present the products at highest details .I really hope you will enjoy what I got for you for today and feel free to post your opinion under the text.
Everybody knows NotSoBad mainstore .Without doubts they managed to design one of the best pieces of furniture and homes in second life ,and that’s what makes them such a respected brand .
They just released a fabulous new building named “CHARLY lobby & INES skybox” and what makes this new release so special is that it gives you the chance to live next to your friend ! This lobby is scripted in such way that you can rezz 4 skyboxes that will look like apartments ! I can only imagine what kind of parties you can throw here *smiles*
Like we got used NotSoBad delivers us realistic texture ,low prim mesh building and very low lag scripts so it fits every land . The good news is that if you don’t want the entire set you can either buy only the Charly Lobby or only the Ines skybox ,it’s really up to you.
I think it’s time for shopping .Like always I included the slurl and marketplace link of the store .Don’t forget to subscribe !I will be back with more releases, xoxo Ama.

-Store List-

Building : CHARLY lobby & INES skybox – NotSoBad/Designer-NSB Team
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore
Available at Skybox and Lobby Marketplace Link
Total: 164 Prims


2 thoughts on “Glamorous Furniture//NsB Charly lobby & Ines skybox

  1. Ohh there is nothing I should forgive you for .Your question actually reminds me of the old Second Life Days ..i think it was 2009 ..when I used to role play as a professor on a Harry Potter Themed Sim .They asked me to decorate my classroom but didn’t tell me what is the meaning of the term “prim” .So I used several stuffs and when the sim owner entered the class and saw the number of prims I used she almost fainted *laughs*

    If you search for the term on google you will probably get the following definition “The word prim is a shortened version of “primitive” and refers to the 3D polygonal shapes used by residents to build objects in Second Life.”

    Let me explain you what is the meaning of that .Every object is made from a number of prims .For example if you rezz a box or a sphere it means you rezzed a prim .For example the NSB design is made from 164 prims means that the entire building is made of 164 smaller pieces that together makes the gorgeous design .

    It’s very important to now the number of prims because every sim accepts a limited amount .For Example :a homestead can hold 3750 while a full region 15,000 prims .

    If we talk about mesh stuffs we have land impact .Since meshes aren’t considered prims ,they have a specific land impact( 15 Land Impact =15 Prims).

    Hope my answered was useful and I am here to help you with anything else you need.

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