Glamorous Furniture//Trompe Loeil Barrel Baths

Hello my blog readers .How is everybody doing today?I was so busy in the past weeks ,i hardly got a second to turn on my laptop.That’s the main reason why i wasn’t able to blog anything on Glamorous Furniture ,but i am happy to say that i got something superb for today..

Without doubts Trompe Loeil became a big name in the industry .The main reason why they did it so fast is because their first class mesh stuffs that always leave me breathless .Honestly i think i could easily blog all of their products ..they match so perfectly my style.

The latest releases are the Barrel Baths which come in 2 different styles and with PG or Adult animations .They include 6 solo and 6 couple animations ,and for making it more realistic they even added water and sound effects .Everything i mesh so you will simply adore the high quality textures.

Without doubts this is a must have release that’s why i recommend you all to press the slurl under this text and visit the store for more releases .I will be back soon with more gorgeous pieces of furniture ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set: Barrel Baths –Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Available at Trompe Loeil mainstore
Available at Collabor 88
Total:20 Prims

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