Glamorous Furniture//Wairer Reef by HeadHunter’s Island

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How is everybody doing?I am back on the blog with many new release and since summer was very busy for me(real life) I got many secret to share with you .The first must have building is the new designer by HeadHunter .Going to tell you more about it in the following lines

For those who don’t know Eduardos Ducatillon ,designer of HeadHunter’s Island is a genius when we talk about home designing .All his products are breathtaking and that makes me feel really honored that I got the chance to blog his newest product .

It’s is called Wairere reef house ..and as the name says it’s a tropical beach residence with a stunning bar ,a romantic waterfall and a delighting pool.I was expecting it to have many prims because of the perfect details ..but actually Eduardos kept it pretty low prim for an art piece like this ..only 298 prims

One of the first thing that made me fall in love with this new building was probably the entry zone ,designed in a very tropical way.I could spend hours there and look at it ..very relaxing .After that the open bar hut was the perfect place to invite my friends for a drink (and no ..we didn’t get drunk)

Ohh and I almost forgot to tell you about the animations .The structure itself comes with 146 animations ..yes you read it well hundred forty six stunning animations ready to catch your eye .Isn’t that perfect?

Together with the house you get a bonus accessories set that include their best decorations like foods and drinks that perfectly fit the ambient .So are you ready for some shopping?I am …so I will be waiting for you at HeadHunter’s mainstore.

-Store List-
Building :Wairere reef – Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore
Available at HeadHunter Marketplace
Prims:298 Prims


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