Glamorous Furniture//Abiss presents Country Retreat Residence

I started my first inventory cleaning 2 weeks ago ..and after working 5 hours /day for 14 days I managed to finish it .That’s what kept me away from blogging on both my furniture blog-Glamorous Furniture and on my fashion blog too- Glance International Agency .Anyway I have some fabulous news for you..Abiss is back with some stunning new releases.

Every time I visit Abiss I feel like it is the only place where I can find furniture to fit my house .Everything is so stylish and so high quality, impossible not to fall in love with them .Oh and they are buildings ..are without any doubts true pieces of art.

So ,as you may see from the pictures, the new release is actually a residential structure called “Country Retreat Residence”. It comes in both PG and Mature version ..only difference are the poses.The building it self come in other 2 version :skybox and ground you can easily choose where you want to rezz it.

Everything you see is mesh ,except the living room rug and the floors of the building(by the way you get a pack of extra texture to change the floor style).So in order to see this building at it’s best it’s extremely important to use a viewer that supports mesh.

There is another thing that made me fall in love with this new release..the furniture pack .You get some gorgeous pieces of furniture to place in this stunning residential structure .Everything is so high quality..honestly I can hardly leave this house after visiting it for the first time.

So are you ready to change your old house with this new beautiful design by Abiss. If your answer is yes or maybe I invite you all to come at their mainstore and check all their latest releases. See you there ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Building: Country Retreat Residence –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Prims(furniture+pergola+building)= 601/634 Prims
SkyBox Version =501 Prims
Ground Version =470 Prims
Furniture + Pergola = 133 Prims

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