Glamorous Furniture//New York Studio Apartment

I finally decided to take a day off from blogging Home and Garden expo items because I found some designers that really deserve my attention for today’s presentation .Of course I will be back with more items from the fair in the following days but until then let me amaze you with this new release .Believe me you won’t regret reading today’s blog post..

I always search for new designers on second life marketplace ,especially the ones who design mesh stuffs .That’s how I met warehousefifteendesigns,owner and designer of [AF Apple Fall .As I could see they are still at the beginning ,not to many items released ,but the ones that can be found for sale in world and on their marketplace page are stunning and without doubts a must have for everything who loves first class stuffs.

I jumped out of bed when he offered me the chance to blog his latest release, the mesh skybox “New York Studio Apartment”.What makes this skybox special ?What does it have to become this weeks must have release?It is very low prim …the entire building only has 15 Prims .

I hardly used photoshop for the pictures ,I actually only used crop *laughs*.So as you can see it looks marvelous .It also comes in 3 different texture version : gray ,normal and brick .Since it’s a studio apartment you can’t except it to be huge ,it’s a small building (1 hallway and one room)with fabulous view of New York City.

New York Studio Apartment is waiting for you… are you ready to handle New York City?Then I invite you all to take a closer look at this product in world at the designers mainstore .See you there!xoxo Ama

-Store List-
SkyBox(Mesh): New York Studio Apartment – [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace

Prims:15 Prims

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