Glamorous Furniture//[BA] for Home and Garden Expo 2012

I promised you that we are going to talk pretty often abut the Home and Garden Expo since Glamorous Furniture it’s one of the official blogs of the event .For this presentation we are going to visit [BA]’s place ,you will be speechless after you’ll see what he’s got for us.

[BA] is one of the designers that I blog as much as possible .Not sure if this is because he has so many new releases, or because I simply love his designs .Anyway ,without any doubts he deserves out attention.

For this year expo he designed a stunning house called Mulholland. I felt in love with the mini pool of this house,looks as a perfect place for relaxing .You can find it in both furnished and unfurnished mode .

I heard that it is actually a revamp of an old designs .New better textures,fabulous new pieces of furniture and better were scripting to this new version .All of these can be found at this year’s Home and Garden Expo .I invite you to visit the sims and of course after that take a look at [BA]’s mainstore too. See you soon with more new releases ❤ !

-Store List-
Building+Furniture: Mulholland–[BA] /Designer- Barnesworth Anubis
Available at [BA] Mainstore
Available at Home & Garden Expo 2012
Building : 73 Prims
Furniture & Décor : 228 Prims
Total:301 Prims


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