Glamorous Furniture//[BA] Songo Garden

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How was your week?I’ve been so sick ,hardly could log second life .Luckily I feel a lot better,and I am ready to get back to blogging with many new stunning releases that I am sure you will love .Want to see what I have for your for today’s blog post?^^

For this post ,we will have to visit Collabor88 ,where one of my favorite stores called [BA] just released this fantastic garden that everyone should own in their inventory .Of course if you want to see more products by this designer you’ll have to visit his mainstore.

The new set is called [BA] Songo Garden and is without any doubts a must have for everyone who loves furniture and buildings.Since I got this place ,I can’t leave it .I spend almost all my time in second life here ,fabulous design ..oh and with the shadows on it looks even more better .I have even more new ,you can get it with or without furniture pack at a special price of 188l$ not expensive at all right?

So what you say? Is it time for some shopping .I invite you all to take a closer look to Collabor88 land and after that to visit the designers mainstore .See you soon ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Building: Songo Garden –[BA] /Designer- Barnesworth Anubis
Available at [BA] Mainstore
Available at Collabor88 Mainstore
Total:175 Prims

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