Glamorous Furniture//Old Library and Cabinet

I am always that kind of persons that takes the bull by the horns when I realize that something is wrong .I saw that last year I wasn’t able to blog so often, so I decided that it’s time for Glamorous Furniture to return back on the top and that’s why I am going to show you almost daily presentations .It seems like I became a really hardworking girl this year .Anyway it looks like this week we will have many medieval/magical and Goth items ,that’s really something new for us ,since we use to blog mostly modern items .We will start this with an old styled library and office ,both designed by a store that just joined our collaboration list .Let me tell you more about it..

The store is called “Old World” and is owned by Katrina Kristan .I think we should put a price on the designers head ,because she is so talented ,everybody most know about her .At her store you will find mostly medieval/old style items ,all of them made in a high quality way .

As I said I brought you today (for the first time) two different sets of library in the same post .I think we should start with the office one since it is one of my favorites from her store.The set is called “Medieval cabinet with library, books, maps and skulls” and as the name says it includes a desk,2 chairs, bookcases ,maps and different other decorations that makes the entire environment more good looking.It is a really great set for people who deserve a medieval office in their home ,or people who own a castle.

The next set is similar in many ways to the other one ,just that it is more a huge library .It is called “Medieval old library”.Instead of the desk we have a carpet with books ,perfect for people who enjoy reading a lot.For sure another must have from her store.

A think you should know is that both set costs only 450l$,I don’t think that’s a lot at all .I will include both a slurl and a marketplace link for making your shopping easier .See you soon ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set 1: Medieval cabinet – Old World /Designer- by Katrina Kristan
Available at Old World

Set 2: Medieval old library – Old World /Designer- by Katrina Kristan
Available at Old World

Marketplace Link

Library-53 prims
Cabinet-68 Prims


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