Glamorous Furniture -Happy New Year 2012

… It seems like one more year passed and Glamorous Furniture is getting older and older each day . We already reached 1 year and 10 months of weekly high quality furniture presentations , and I really wish to thank you all for reading and subscribing on this blog .I really can’t express myself in words of how happy I am that I managed to survive with this blog for such a long time .In the following lines I am going to tell you a short story about how Glamorous Furniture was founded and what this year brought us on the blog .So if you didn’t read all our posts ,it is a great opportunity for you to find out what you missed. Just press “Continue Reading” link and get ready to find out the work we did behind the curtain.

Glamorous Furniture was founded on 21 March 2010 and I think it was one of my greatest ideas related to second life .I worked Glance International Agency as a Head Stylist and Head Blogger for a very long time ,and managed to learn all the trick about blogging. I am proud to say that I even created a group of friends that included almost all the elite fashion designers in the virtual world .Until one day I decided why not to give a try to blog furniture & homes too .I was a bit nervous , because I wasn’t sure how others will see this project ,but it seems like I got a majority of good answers. I still remember my first SoHuGiKi Solutions post ,worked so hard to impress that designer since he was the first one to join my list .Luckily my skills improved and people started liking my reviews more and more . One of the things that I learnt through this experience is to never give up and always thrust in your ideas.

As I said this year we had many new releases. Because of my real life personal life (including my wedding and different job promotions) I wasn’t able to blog as much as I did in 2010,but I tried my best .We started this year with the fantastic Winter Laurel Dinning Room followed by the high Abiss Romance Lights.Next on our blogging list was a building by Bahia Tiki called Panama .I must tell that I was really impressed with it’s style. Zen Escape Living Room was definitely one of my favorite sets that I got this year for blogging ,always loved how the green and white colors match. KD Tropical Bathroom Set was another hit thanks to the massage table included in the pack .But we got something for bedroom too ,called Laurel BedRoom Set that was designed by What Next and which reminded me of old huge style beds. Dutchie Bed is another piece that you shouldn’t miss.If you prefer the tiki style items I invite you to visit Beachfront store ,he gave me the Beach chair set that I really enjoyed. Abiss will always be considered an elite designer when we talk about furniture ,she designed the Cubettos Set that I use in the Glance International Agency meeting room .Really breathtaking textures. [MudHoney] returned this year on the blog with the bathroom set called Seville ,many good looking pieces at a very good price.After all of these ,we had the Sanctuary Skybox designed by Abiss and inspired from the movie called Tron. We were also proud to announce the grand opening of Tableau Vivant store with a set designed by them and called “Needful Things .My Corner”. SoHuGiKi Solutions will always have a reserved space in my heart since they were the one that offered me objects to reviews.That’s why I was really happy to be able to blog the bed called “Superstar” from the same store. Envy Hot Tube by Abiss was probably one of the best posts thanks to the realistic texture of the hot tube that made my photos look great without having to use photoshop .Forsquares joined our designers list this year too ,and was presented on the blog with their set called Weekender .Then Abiss returned back with 2 new releases: Allegro Bed and Le Parisien Set both having that specific style that only Abiss owners can design.Dutchie tried again to impress us with the skybox Pied a terre The Hague (that came furnished) ,and I am more than sure that she managed to do what she wanted. We have [BA] store on our list too that’s why I was really honored to review their building called Villa Seville.I couldn’t keep myself away from Abiss so I asked her to send me one of the best 2011 living room set called Le Parisien .Then Dutchie came back on the blog with the Modern Bathroom . Abiss ,as an elite designer,couldn’t keep herself away from designing ,and created 2 stunning homes Hillside and Beachfront. I am really proud to tell you that we are one of the blogs that always welcomed mesh items with open hands. That’s why we were really nervous when we got the chance to blog our first mesh item called The Kitchen Table by Dutchie.After a long brake ,NotSoBad returned in the virtual world with this new outdoor set –Ella.A new store opened this year too ,Laqroki Décor .I am sure that in a very short time they will become one of the top home designers. We had the chance to review the Quaint Cottage and more buildings by them are still waiting to get posted. So we finally reached the last post of 2011 with the mesh kitchen by Dutchie that I hope you all enjoyed.

So as you can see from the summary I wrote above ,it was a really busy but wonderful year .I hope that 2012 will be as good or even better than 2011. I am looking forward to blogging more first class items and to welcome in second life new furniture stores .It’s already late and I have to get ready for the New Year Party .I wish you all a fabulous 2012 , and hope you all will return next year to read about the newest must haves homes and furniture in second life .

Take care ,
Amalia Foxtrot

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