Glamorous Furniture//Quaint Cottage Laq Decor

Hello my blog readers .In the past few days I wasn’t very happy ,had some problems in real life that I had to fix as fast as possible,my second life viewer was very laggy and all together kept me away from blogging .But I learnt from my parents that every cloud has a silver lining.And look ,here I am blogging a doozy new house designed by the fresh opened store Laqroki Décor .I am convinced you will love this cottage ,personally it conquered my heart.

As you might see from my last posts I finally finally found my feet .The first time I blogged on Glamorous Furniture ,I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure if I am doing a great job .But as the time passed and people asked me to blog more and more ,it made me feel more confident. So I want to thank you all for the support you gave me,and I promise you that more new releases are going to be published on Glamorous Furniture.

So as I told you at the beginning of today’s post ,there a new store in second life for all furniture and home lovers. You might have heard about Laqroki ,one of the elite brands when we talk about skins .I am really proud to tell you that they opened Laqroki Décor, where they are going to release houses and furniture .I am looking forward to seeing how fast they can reach the top ^^.

I am so amazed how much everything changed in second life thanks to the mesh thing .Now I feel like everybody can live high on the hog..The cottage in the picture is called Quaint and is one of the first 3 releases by Laq Décor .It is made from both prims and mesh too.The entire cottage has 76 prims so I think that’s not a lot at all ,when we think about the quality.

I think that it is very important to know the ropes when you buy a new house .Every detail is in important in it’s own many ,so never forget to take a close look before buying a building.In the notecard that contains different useful tips about this house it is said that the building is equipped with a “A.E HouseControl Unit” which can be found near the front door.By pressing this you can control useful things about the house like:radio,fireplace,security,windows,options,rentals etc.

So what you think about the new Laq Décor Cottage?Do you like it? Don’t forget to pedal to the metal to get as soon as possible to their fresh opened store and take a look and what else they have there .Until next time take big care,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Building: Quaint Cottage–Laq Decor/Designer- Winter DiPrima
Available at Laq Deco Mainstore
Prims:76 prims

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