Glamorous Furniture//Abiss is Back-Beachfront House

History repeats itself every time Abiss releases a new house .I can easily tell you ,that every time they release a new design it becomes a must have in second life .That’s one of the reasons why I always enjoy blogging their designs,they always stay fresh and everybody wants them .I always watch Frasha’s designs with an eagle eyes ,trying to find anything that seems like not fitting or wrong ,but I can proudly say that I was never able to find something like this ,they are simply perfect.

So please don’t tell me that you didn’t hear about Abiss .It is one of the mot wanted brands in virtual world .I must tell you that their releases are so realistic that for a moment you can’t tell the difference between a real picture and the one in second life .So if you love high quality stuffs I invite you to visit this store, which by the way it’s my favorite one too.

I’ve been waiting for this house for a long time .I remember when I was talking with Frasha a long time ago and told her that I am convinced that this house will be one of her best work ,and now I am really sure that I was right .I never saw something higher quality than this .Splendid work!

It is called Beachfront residence and it comes in two different versions : one for the ground and one for the sky.The ground one is the standard version without any surroundings ,but the sky one includes specific surroundings like terrain , water and skydome.

I was told that both version fits in a 4096 sq. meters parcels,and because of the huge prims even though your parcel is smaller surroundings will go across borders but wont be considered in prim count of adjacent parcel.

If space is always a problem for you ,I must tell you that you will have no problem because of that if you’ll buy the Beachfront residence. The entire house has 1 living room+dinning room+ kitchen;1 bedroom,1 bathroom,a large terrace and a dock too .All this together gives you a wonderful experience while living there.

Furniture are not a problem when we talk about Beachfront .Abiss took care of this too and included everything we need in the pack.The default Auto-Rez includes the following pieces: plumbing fixtures, rugs, shelves, paintings, lamps, cabinets, curtains, entire kitchen, shower, wardrobe –all with copy permission .In the same there there is a special pack too that contains other items like :bed, sofa ,table, chair,hot tube, patio chair,bat stools and props.

Another thing you should know is that this house is sold with two types of furniture: Pg and Mature .There is no difference related to the way the furniture looks ,is just that the mature version includes adult animations too and PG only cuddles and PG animations.

Because of the quality of this building ,I am more than sure that prims aren’t a problem .Skybox version contains 888 prims(+ mesh docks ,really impressing work making everything even more romantic) while ground version contains 883 prims.

These are going to be the last words for today’s post .I hope you enjoyed this piece of art ,and don’t forget to buy it ,you won’t regret at all .Take care until next time and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions related to items that were blogged on Glamorous Furniture .Have a nice day ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Building: Beachfront Residence –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Skybox version – 888 prims
Ground version – 883 prims

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