Glamorous Furniture//(Mesh)Water Statue by Chakra Nova

I was so busy in real life with my job – I hardly had a minute to log on .Anyway I managed to get some free time this weekend,so I decided that it’s time for Glamorous Furniture blog to present it’s first Mesh Item .If you are curious to see how it looks ,continue reading…

So what I have for you is a fabulous new mesh statue designed by Pumpkin Tripsa ,owner of the store called Chakra Nova,the place where you will find many really good looking and artistic statues .For sure that place deserves your visit .But for today I got a very new release called “Water”.Since it is mesh ,you will be amazed how realistic it looks .I love every single details of this statue ,and can’t wait to get the chance to blog their future releases too.

So if you are in need of statue ,but you don’t want the low quality ones that can be found everywhere ,it’s time to visit Chakra Nova .That will be the perfect place for you .Take care until next time ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
(Mesh)Statue :Water – Chakra Nova /Designer- Pumpkin Tripsa
Available at Chakra Nova Mainstore
Statue: 3 prims ,25 prims equivs
Store :

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