Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Hillside Residence

Hello Glamorous Furniture(big hugs for everyone) .First of all I must tell you that I am so happy that mesh are finally available in the virtual world ,can’t wait to see designer starting creating stuffs using mesh .I am convinced it will rock the virtual world .But until than ,we still have our sculpted stuffs .And as you remember ,yesterday I announced on plurk a future blog post of one of the top releases of the year ,designed by the well known Abiss .Here it is ,take your time to read every single line and take a look at the picture .You’ll fall in love tonight…

Abiss is without any doubts the best when we talk about homes and furniture. The team is made of Frasha Boah and Oggy Bonetto,both fantastic persons .I am sure you already know Abiss thanks to their unique and good looking furniture ..and because I blog them a lot .I simply love everything made by them ,they won my heart ..and they continue staying there thanks to their cute way of talking to me and first class items.

So this home is without any doubts a must have for everyone who wants to have a good looking house in second life .If you are tired of the 2008 buildings ,ugly looking and not very useful …I invite you to take look at this .This is one of the best houses I ever saw in the virtual world ,and I could easily call it the top release for this year.^^

Let me give you more information.The building is called “Hillside residence” and just by looking at the picture you’ll be able to find out how good it looks .And I am talking you..i never photoshop pictures..i want my readers to see exactly how the items look in the virtual what you see is what you get..and it is top quality ,no doubts.

You must know that the building comes in 2 different types : PG and Mature .Of course I included at the end of the post the marketplace link for both of them .In the same time you will find out that you get 2 different versions of the building too :ground and skybox version .What I love the most at skybox version is the way it was designed .Everything Is different of the other skyboxes we meet in second life .They especially took care that everything looks realistic,even the surrondings. Great job.

What you’ll find in a house ? A fantastic living room where you can relax with your friend , lovely bedroom for the moments with your partner ,a roof bar to enjoy a drink and a good looking pool where to relax. As you can see ,there’s enough space for everything .I am telling shouldn’t miss this new release.

And here comes the best part .There is a furniture set specially designed to fit with this home .So you won’t have to spend other thousands of l$ and time for finding new furniture .You can find everything at Abiss .And the best thing is that a custom windlight setting is included too ,making everything to look a lot more realistic.

So as you can see ,Abiss will never disappoint us .They are simply the best in second life ,and for sure they deserve our visit .Just get dressed,take your bag and go shopping .It’s time for a new home ^^ Love you and see you soon with many other releases,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Building: Hillside Residence –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa & Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Skybox version – 485 prims
Ground version – 482 prims
Skybox furnished – up to 735 prims
Ground furnished – up to 732 prims

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