Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Le Parisien Set

Hello everyone? I know I didn’t blog for a long time..but look I am still alive ,still breathtaking ! I’m not dead *happy* I was and still am extremely busy with some Glance Agency Projects ,that I am going to present to you in the next days –I am convinced you will love it .Anyway have you heard that Abiss has some new releases? If not ,this post is something you must read for sure .Let me present you the new things …

First thing Abiss is the name of probably the biggest home/furniture brand in second life .They create first class items ,after a visit at their store you can get enough things to decorate your entire home .The Abiss Team is made from Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto,two wonderful persons that are creating for us gorgeous items to use in our virtual world.

So as I told you,they released something new called Le Parisien Chairs& Tables . A wonderful first class set that will definitely fit every home thanks to it’s fabulous texture. What does include this set? First of all many chairs in different colors/textures : black brocade, black leather, black&gold leater, Brocade-velvet fiore, brocade-velvet rosenoir ,brocade-velvet soleil,gold leather,red leather,shabby chich brocade,shabby chic pink velvet, white brocade,yellow plush.

That’s not all ,the set also includes 2 different tables: coffee table and dinning table .So you can actually fit this set in almost any place .You can put it on your balcony as a coffee table or in your dinning room .Isn’t it fabulous ?Of course you can change the tables color/texture to fit the chairs too .I think that’s wonderful.

Ohh and I have a surprise for you .If you are asking yourself what would be Abiss next release..than you have here a small preview .I am sure it will be a hot piece!She offered us the Parisien Coffee/Dinning set she gives us Parisien Living Room .They are simply the best in second life..

So don’t forget after you read this presentation to teleport your avatar to their mainstore and to shop as much as you can . In the same time I advice you to take a look at their previous releases ,all of them looks great .Enjoy shopping ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set: Le Parisien Chairs & Tables –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Chair- 10 prims
Coffee Table – 7 prims Each
Dinning Table – 11 prims Each


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