Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Allegro Bed

Hello Glamorous Furniture readers,welcome back on the blog .Today I am bringing you more first class releases this time from one of my favorite stores in second life Abiss .So get ready to see what’s the newest thing Frasha Boa designed for her customers…

As you know ,Abiss can hardly be compared with any other stores .They are one of the best that offers only first class items to us .At their mainstore you will find everything you’ll need to decorate your home ..oh they even sell some beautiful houses .Anyway let’s see what’s the newest bed they released.

It is called Allegro and what I like the most at it is that you can customize it how you want .Everything can change it’s texture – frame, duvet, headboard, spreads, pillows and mattress .So you an actually make it to fit your own house .That’s why in the picture above I am showing you many styles of it ,and as you can see all of them are really good looking.

The bed comes with over 500 animations to match your taste .You can find any kind of poses,from cute to sex and from decent to erotic. In a separate box you get some other items for your bedroom like for example the nightstands made to match the frame of the bed and the lamps. And my favorite thing you can select different activities in bed that will rezzz some other helpful things like : Breakfast in bed , notebook computers, books and many others .

So I am sure that now you are convinced that Abiss is one of the best when we talk about second life furniture .I hope you will enjoy today’s post and don’t forget to go shopping ! Time to decorate your home ,and if you liked our review please subscribe .Thanks and take care ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Bed:Allegro –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Or Allegro Bed Marketplace
Bed – 13 prims
Night Stands – 4 prims Each
Lamps – 3 prims Each


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