Glamorous Furniture//reBourne Marrakech

For those who didn’t know Arabia can be a paradise too .I was always impressed by the hot weather and the style of the houses there . Very rare you can find someone in second life that’s so realistic that for a moment you will feel like really visiting that place . But there is a store that always creates good looking things .Today I am more than honored to present to all of you one of the newest and probably the best release by reBourne store.

reBourne is the store owned by mister Danny Bourne and his wife Suite Sella ,both of them very talented designers .They are the creator of many of the houses that were presented on our website –Glamorous Furniture ,but nothing can be compared with this new release ..

First let’s talk about the name .It is called Marrakech ,and the name is inspired from the big city located at the foot of the High Atlas ,one of the highest mountainous barrier in North Africa .It is also known as Red City and in the same time in this city you will be able to find one one of the busiest squares in Africa called Djemaa el Fna So that’s from where the designer of reBourne got the name for the new building.

After visiting this building in second life and getting it in your inventory ,you will definitely never forget that fabulous Arabian nights .The entire style creates a very catchy air that will make you fall in love with this design and wanting it more and more everyday.

Another thing you should know is that Marrakech comes in 2 different versions : Premium and Basic ,so you can choose the one that works the best with your budget and of course with your land prims. What’s the difference?Basic is actually the version without animations and furniture.On the other hand premium has it all.

One of my favorite thing from this house is actually the lamp located near the pool.It is one of the secrets of this building that can set the environment to night or day ,and in the same time you can rezz a cage for slaves located above the pool,fireflies particles, and a magic carpet. Isn’t this fantastic? And the best thing is that it comes in both skybox or land version too.

So I hope that I convinced you that reBourne is surely a top home designer in second life and all his designs are a must .If you are searching for a realistic ,Arabian style home here it is –Marrakech is waiting for you. Take care until next time ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
House:Marrakech– reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne/ Suite Sella
Available at reBourne Mainstore
Skybox unfurnished – 358 prims
Ground unfurnished – 352 prims
Skybox furnished – 653 prims
Ground furnished – 647 prims

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