Glamorous Furniture//Weekender Set

Hello Glamorous Furniture .Looks like have some new releases for you today .Actually some days ago I visited a store that impressed me with their amazing quality of the items .I decided to invite them to join Glamorous Furniture and here they are …

The store is called Foursquares and is owned by the beautiful Venessa Khandr .You’ll have the chance to find in her store all kinds of furniture ,of course all very good looking. Of course you will have to visit her mainstore so you can see it with your eyes how a good designer she is.

Today I’ve for you from her store the lovely set called Weekend .It actually best fits in a living room .Every time I see it I feel like that lazy weekend days when I am sitting in the living room and watching tv .The textures of all the objects are fantastic. The set includes 2 sofas ,1 arm chair ,1 lamp ,a carpet and 1 table .Together they will definitely be the best to use in your house.

Enough with this presentation ,now is your turn to visit the store .Don’t forget to tell us what’s your opinion regarding the items .Thank you for reading this ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set:Weekender – Foursquares /Designer- Venessa Khandr
Available at Foursquares Mainstore

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