Glamorous Furniture//Superstar Bed

“I wasn’t born a superstar. “-Missy Elliot
I decided to write that quote at the beginning because today furniture is very much related to superstars lives .Thanks to SoHuGiKi Solutions ,that create a fabulous object, I am proud to present you today a very good looking. bed.

Let me give you some information about the store who sent us the furniture .The store is called SoHuGiKi Solutions and is owned by Kikkoz Slade . What makes them so good ..are their poses..they really know how to create a great sex bed*smiles*.

The furniture from the picture is called Superstar and the designer tried to show us the most important things from a rock star life : music (the guitar) ,alcohol (the bottles) and of course sex!(the bed) .Wall lights can be turned off or no .In the same times this piece of furniture comes with over 300 animations ,and here comes the best part..most of animations have face expressions too .These things make this bed a must have.

So like always I am going to include the slurl to the store right under credits .Just press it and enjoy your shopping day + have fun .Love you all ,xoxo Ama.

-Shop List-
Bed: Superstar- SoHuGiKi Solutions/Designer: Kikkoz Slade
Available at Sohugiki Solutions Mainstore


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