Glamorous Furniture is 1 Year Old

It’s Party Time .Today we are celebrating 1 year of Glamorous Furniture. During this year we tried our best to present you all the high quality items available in world ,special promotions and of course very talented designers. Soon we are going to start a special competition to everyone who loves our blog and wants to have a little fun .

In the same time I want to remind you all what we had this year and of course to present my favorite 3 presentations I made .You will be more than welcome to reply with the link to your favorite ones( I am really curious to see what others liked from my blog) .So here we go

Number 3:

The third place goes to rebourne with the Little Africa design .It’s for sure a very relaxing place that I recommend you all to buy .

Number 2:

Second place goes to NotSoBad with their Aspen Outdoor set .I really felt in love with this design ,I still have it in world at my house .Fabulous texture and very realistic

Number 1:

Looks like the first places goes to NotSoBad too ,thanks to the Eams Modern House .In my entire blogging career I’ve never seen something so great .It is really the perfect place to live in ,and I just love the furniture that fits so great in this home.

Well I hope you are enjoy my works and don’t forget that I am always trying to improve my presentations qualities .Let’s hope that we will get better during the next year ,with more contests and visitors ,with new furniture designers .Thank you for reading my page ,I Love you all.

XoXo Ama.

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