Glamorous Furniture//Plume Store by Abiss

Hello my friends .How was your day?I am preparing to go to the city ..after my nose accident I need to relax .Maybe you are wondering why is Amalia presenting a hair store .Well more than a hair store ,I want to present you the gorgeous building made by one of the great designer of Abiss. Let me tell you more.

You might know Abiss ,they are second life highest quality furniture at this time .They are always looking for new things that can improve their designs and for me they are without any doubts the best .Plume is a avant garde hair store ,that I am sure that all the stylish girl will love.

Now let’s talk about the building .What makes this so fantastic is the style .Very elegant and in the same time not extremely complex .It had only one room (a big one) where you can find all the Plume creations .In the same time the colors and texture are simply first class .I can tell you that I felt in love with this store since the first time I saw it . Oggy Bonetto for sure made a great job.

Sadly this is just an example of how good Abiss is ,since the store is not for sale .On the other hand you can give it a try to the lovely Plume hairs.Don’t forget to take a look at it ,xoxo Ama.

Take a look at the Plume Mainstore

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