Glamorous Furniture//MudHoney back on the blog

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I felt so sorry that I wasn’t able to post faster the release that mudhoney had some weeks ago(the one with the gorgeous bathroom) ,so I decided that she deserves today’s post too .I am sure you all love high quality items that’s why I am bringing you today this fabulous creations…

As you might know MudHoney is for sure a big furniture store in second life .They are well known because of their first quality texture and the way they design .I can tell you that every time you teleport to their mainstore you will enter a world of high class creations .

Today as I said I am bringing to you 2 different items ,both released by Mudhoeny .The first one I want to talk about is the sofa ,named Castor Sofa .One of the best things are the poses ,you get all animations you need single ,couple,friends etc .I think the pictures are enough so you can realize how good looking it is .The second item is the Telling Time Table that is made from the table + a telephone+ a lamp + a plant .Even if they don’t come in the same set ,I think these 2 items goes fantastic together.

You want to get them for your house but you have no idea from where you can buy them ?I can solve your problem*laughs*.Just use the slurl I included at store credits and enjoy your shopping .Love you ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Sofa: Castor Sofa – [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore

Table: Telling Time Table – [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore


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