Glamorous Furniture//Seville Bathroom by [MudHoney]

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How is everybody today?I’ve been away from second life with real life projects ,and probably will still not log to much until I get married(8 April –Congratulation to me)*haha* .Anyway I was planning to blog this as a new release ..but it isn’t anymore ,but as you can see from the picture it is a first class set .Curious to read more ?Here we go..

The designer of this fabulous set is no one else than Rayvn Hynes,creator of MudHoney .I can tell you that after you enter your store you will see a paradise of very high quality furniture .The best thing is that all her items are affordable ,so I am really happy when I see lovely stores that are not to expensive .Don’t forget to take a look at it after you finish reading the presentation.

I must tell you that I’ve saw many bathroom sets during the time when I started blogging furniture and until today ,but I never saw something so high quality .The first thing when I buy a set it’s very important for me to make sure that the set includes everything and not just a toilet ,a mirror and a bathtub . And for sure mudhoney made my dreams come true.

This set from the pictures is wearing the name of Seville Bathroom and has many components .I can tell you that it deserves all the money .You get together with this set everything you need (including many decorative objects that makes everything look better ) .After this I think you thrust me too when I say that this store is one of the best.

As I always do this ,I will include this time too the slurl to the store in my post .Just press it to get redirected to their slurl and than just enjoy your shopping .Take care ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Seville Bathroom – [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore


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