Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Cubettos Set

Hello to everyone who is reading this post .I was and looks like I still am very busy in real life with work and many other events that are going to happened .This things keep me far away from second life and I hardly get time to even log on .But I know that when I do it I will work on a presentation that’s why for today I am bringing to you a breathtaking new release that I am sure you will find it very interesting .Let me tell you more about it.

I am sure you know Abiss store .They are probably one of the highest quality furniture all around second life .I met them a long time ago and since then I am in love with everything create. Probably one of the best thing at their creations are the textures –very realistic ,very must have.

Today I am presenting you the wonderful release of cubettos .One of the thing that makes me like this things so much are the many texture styles .You can actually get 12 different looks for them .Oh and of course as we got used it comes with perfect poses .So as you can see this is a really must have .So why don’t you give it a try?

Like always you have in my post the slurl to the mainstore of Abiss.Just press it to teleport to the place where you will find this wonderful cubettos set .I hope you will enjoy and don’t forget to buy as many things as possible ,they are all qualities. Love you ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set: Cubettos –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore

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