Glamorous Furniture//Laurel BedRoom

Hello Glamorous Furniture .It’s finally weekend .I love this ends of weeks simply because are my shopping days, or I am spending with my boyfriend,with my friends and yes… I’m getting drunk*laughs* .But in the same time this free days offer me more time to create some gorgeous presentation for all of you .That’s why for today I am bringing to you on the blog a breathtaking set by {what next} .Are you ready to see what true first class means? Press “Continue Reading”..

We have been collaborating with {what next} for almost one year ,and during this time we presented many of their best designs .That’s why I consider them one of the closest furniture store to me ,they have been with Glamorous Furniture for such a long time .They deserve for sure the best ..actually they are the best.

So what I have for today is the good looking Lauren BedRoom that is made from 11 pieces .So you see? That’s what I love the most at their sets .. they are high quality,not to expensive at all and comes with many pieces.The entire set counts 77 prims and it comes in copy version.

So what does this set actually include ? Well the bed with poses,blanket box,rug, curtain, books,bed tables,lamp,tea cup ,art prints and breakfast tray .And as you can see the designer of what next are carefully taking care of each detail of their items ,they want it simply perfect ..and I think they did.

So as you can see this new set named Lauren BedRoom it’s a must have for sure . For that I am giving you the slurl to their mainstore and don’t forget to check previous releases, everything looks very good .Thank you for reading Glamorous Furniture,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set: Laurel BedRoom – {what next} /Designer- Winter Thorn
Available at {what next} Mainstore

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