Glamorous Furniture//reBourne Miami House

Hello Glamorous Furniture. How are my blog readers? I had one of the most wonderful days : staying home with my boyfriend,drinking pepsi,eating the breakfast in the bed ,watching tv ,talking with my friends that’s what means for me perfect day. Anyway it became even better when reBourne contacted me for an exclusive presentation of one of their best new releases. So yes you have the chance to see a house presentation alert today on Glamorous Furniture .Press the “Continue Reading” for more pictures and a detailed presentation..

I am convinced that if you read this blog let’s say once/week you for sure know who reBourne is .They are one of the biggest home designing store in the virtual world .Thanks to their high quality texture and good looking houses they managed their way in second life .That’s why I am so happy to have the chance to present this exclusively new design that I totally felt in love with .You need to know more about it.

First of all it is named Miami and like all their houses it comes in both a skybox and land version.So you just have to decide which one you prefer A thing that you should know about me is that I totally hate to big houses .They might look good ,but nothing can be compared with medium but first class home. And at the end reBourne is making a very good job in designing the perfect houses.

This design is for sure the best if you want to relax on the beach or if you simply love this stylish houses. I am happy to announce you all that the official release of it will be on 30th January at 4 am. And this is not all ,the best thing is that for 24 hours the house will be available for you at the price of 4000l$ (instead of the normal one -9500 l$)

More then this looks like they are going to have a limited version of 50 Miami prefabs that will include special furniture by the wonderful UrbanizeD designer -Pitch Parx .So as you can see this is really one of their greatest job. I love hig h qualities and that’s why I love all their designs ,they are without any doubts one of the best.

Oh and before I say bye to all of you ,don’t forget that Manhattan Loft skybox is at the starting bid of 1875 l$ and these are the last days of the January auction ,so take a look at that one .Until we see the furnished version of Miami I included a slurl to both the land and skybox version so you can see it in second life .I hope you enjoy today’s presentation ,take care xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Miami– reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Miami Land Version
reBourne Miami SkyBox Version


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