Glamorous Furniture//KD Tropical Bathroom Set

Hello Glamorous Furniture*hugs*. How is everybody today? It was such a wonderful day at my real life work ,I must confess that today I only drank coffee ,talk with my co-workers and relax. God I so love this kind of days .When I arrived home I opened my pc and realized that it’s time for a new furniture presentation that like always I am sure you will simply adore. So let me show you one of the newest store on my collaboration list.Let’s see..

So actually I want that everyone to congratulate *KD Tropical* for joining our collaborating list .Starting with today they are going to provide us with some wonderful sets that are super quality. When I first time visited keny Korobase store I must tell you all that I was really impressed by how good all the items looked .So that’s how I decided to invite him on the list .You will that I will never regret din decision.

So what I am bringing for you today is the KD design –Bathroom Set .As it’s name says is a set of furniture for decorating your bathroom and I can tell you that after you got it you will be extra happy .One of the reasons is because the texture of all the designs are super good .Secondly you must know that this set include many things for example: bathtub with poses,toilet,rugs, massage table(by the way that’s my favorite),mirrors ,shelves etc. So you actually have everything you need in only one set.

You see that’s why I love this kind of store a lot .They create not very expensive, but first class items that can make your virtual life a lot better .If you want to see it in world I recommend you all to press the slurl to the mainstore and enjoy your time there . Take care until next time,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set:Bathroom Set– KD Tropical /Designer- keny Korobase
Available at KD Tropical Mainstore
And at Market Place

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