Glamorous Furniture//Zen Escape Living Room

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How is your day? I just arrived home from work ,and since I have nothing to do(cleaned the entire house yesterday) I decided to work on a new furniture presentation that I am sure you will like a lot ,at the end you know I am all for the high quality items.So actually I have for you for today a gorgeous living room .Let me tell you more about it.

First of all I want to welcome on the Glamorous Furniture store list the breathtaking designer Luigi Dickens of Zen&Serenity store .I actually made a visit to their store some days ago and I totally felt in love with their item style and quality so decided to ask Luigi if he wants to join GF collaboration list .I can tell you how happy I was when he answer back to me with a “yes” .You will ,his store is a true art.

So let’s go back to this wonderful living room so I can give you more information about it. First thing that you should know is that actually this is one of the best living room set for relaxing .I mean after I rezzed it on my land I felt like at my real house. It is named “Zen Escape” Living Room Set .Gorgeous decoration and perfect match of the color of the furniture ,makes this living something that you must buy.

Maybe you are asking yourself what does this set include?Well good news you get a lot of pretty stuffs for example: a sofa that includes both single and couple poses too ,wall décor,tv set,magazine,vases,table,candles,rug,cushions,plant ,curtain and of course tea set .So as you can see this is really good looking So if you are planning to add something new to your virtual house ,be sure this is a must have.

Like always I included the slurl to the mainstore of Zen&Serenity under Store Credits .Don’t forget to check for previous releases too ,since they have many high qualities there. Take care and hope to hear from all of you soon ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Living Room:Zen Escape Set– Zen&Serenity /Designer- Luigi Dickens
Available at Zen&Serenity Mainstore
And at Market Place


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