Glamorous Furniture//Panama by Bahia Tiki

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I promised you more presentations so here I am today with a new house that I am sure you will love it .I hope that soon I will be back to my old blogging style ,I mean blogging around 4-5 items/week .But anyway ,at least I can be happy that I have on my blog only high qualities*yay*.Ok ,back to what I have today for you are you ready to see a gorgeous house?…

The designer of this sweet place is Bahia Tiki .I am sure you know them since I used to blog them a lot .They create first class items ,and each new release is better then the previous one .I can tell you that I am very impressed by the way Aral Levitt(the main designer) creates her stuff .She totally makes them with her heart. You must take a look at her in world store..

Let me give you more information about what we have in the pictures .It is named Panama House and is a gorgeous rustic style .First of all I am going to tell you that it is a 170 prim designer(I don’t think that’s a lot at all especially because the high quality) and the size is 40X25 (you should be able to rezz it almost anywhere).

This fabulous place comes with a controller that you can use for closing and opening the door,window,blinds and set on and off the light, and fans .More then this the menu gives you the p possibility to choose your own radio station and more then this choose the people who can use the controller .Fabulous Right?I heard she created a special set of furniture that fits this home,but for that you will have to visit her mainstore

So remember the name is Panama by Bahia Tiki .Under store credits I included the slurl to her mainstore ,just press it and enjoy the shopping a lot of gorgeous releases are waiting for you .Take care ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House:Panama–Bahia Tiki/Designer- Aral Levitt
Available at Bahia Tiki Mainstore
And at Market Place

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