Glamorous Furniture//Soho Loft by NSB

Hello my dear blog readers .How was your day? Good News, I just finished decorating my real life Christmas tree. I actually called my entire family to come and help me *smiles* .Anyway today I am going to bring you all to the city of wonders .You are going to see what luxury really is and of course I am sure that you will love it so much .So here it comes today’s home presentation.

There is one store in the virtual world that never stops to amaze me with their highest quality items .They design furniture and homes too ..and as you can see from the picture they are NotSoBad .I am so in love with them that I blog almost all their new release .And I can’t tell you how lovely the designers are ,they are so sweet with everyone .

This new release is a skybox(if you look at our previous style cards you will be able to see their latest release that is a building too) named Soho Loft Skybox. .And honestly I am not lying when I tell you that this is one of the best places to live until now .It’s not very big but it’s very luxurious and I think you know that I am all for the quality items.

One of the good things at NSB is that they sell this new release in copy and modify version .So you can rezz many Soho Lofts on your land*hehe*.It comes with 2 stunning pose balls on the balcony ,and of course they worked on the environment of this design so it won’t look like a box in the air .You must check it.

If you enjoyed this fantastic new release I recommend you all to press the slurl to their mainstore and get it ,you won’t regret for sure .Take care and see you soon(btw Merry Christmas) ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-

SkyBox: Soho Loft Skybox NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore


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