Glamorous Furniture//reBourne Paris

Hello Glamorous Furniture .Did you missed me?Because I missed you all so much .It’s true I have been away from second life for over one month and I am still having a lot of work to do in real life .I am sure one day I will be completely back ,and will make many presentations .Until then I have to disappoint you and say that I will still log on but only to finish my cards .Anyway today I am bringing new a revolutionary new release from reBourne that I am sure will leave you breathless .Ready to see what I am talking about?

In case you didn’t know ,rebourne it’s one of the strongest home designers in the virtual world .They have so many gorgeous places for you ,and the thing that makes them so special is the quality of them .I can’t tell you how much time Danny Bourne and his wife Suite Sella spent in this new release ,simply because they want it to be one of the best .

So ,named “Paris” I am presenting for you today the skybox version .I heard Danny release the land one too that like this one is stunning . As the name says it is inspired by the style from Paris .I am not sure if any of you saw that old cartoons Anastasia (I told this to Danny too) ,it has almost the same style like the apartment where the tzarina of Russia lived .

I am in love with this kind of old style buildings .I always find them so interesting .Each time I get to visit one I feel like that have so much mystery ,and the truth is that in the virtual world I still have that feeling . As said at the beginning the result of the time they spent for it , it’s breathtaking .

Now let me describe it to you .For sure you will love the stairs that brings you to the second floor ,and the glass ceiling makes it look even better .reBourne it’s always taking care of details too ,so for sure you will be able to see how to lights enter through the ceiling .

At the first floor you actually have an old style office ,a place to relax(by the way that piano looks so good) ,a bathroom ,a dinning room and a kitchen .As said they are all made in the specific style of the house .I still remember what was the first thing I told to the designer when they showed it to me “ WoW ,that’s just WoW”.

The second floor is for sure my favorite because it has so many interesting rooms .A bigger bathroom then the one at the first floor decorated with mirror ,cupboards and of course bathtub , a terrace ,a very big living room and of course the bedroom( I like to call it the Royal Bedroom) .For sure every women will like to spend her time there.

And here comes the best part .At the second floor right near the living room it’s an empty room …or at least that’s how it looks .The secret is to press the black spot on the ceiling ,and then the stairs to the attic will appear .For sure the it hasn’t have furniture in it ,but for sure it’s a good place to hide form others*smiles*.

So I think that would be all for the Paris building .Don’t forget to press the slurl to the store that I included below and of course look for the land version of it . Take care ,xoxo Ama
-Store List-
House+Furniture : Paris– reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Mainstore

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