Glamorous Furniture//Villa Bloemendaal

One of the reasons I love so much Zsa Zsa Gabor is because she is a housekeeper as she said ,every time she divorces she keeps the house,that sounds fabulous right?Especially if the house is like the one I am going to present you in today’s presentation .One word that describe this words the best is stunning .Let me show you more.

Harry’s House and Designs ,has been together with Glamorous Furniture for a very long time .They create high quality furniture and especially big houses ,and we try to blog them as much as possible because as said everything looks speechless .You must take a look at their store for sure.

As I said to you ,I am brining on the blog a very new release named Villa Bloemendaal .What makes this house so special ?Probably the way it looks ,made in a special style that for sure will relax you ,high quality texture and a very spacious place .You can get all of this thanks to the new release by Harry.

More than this ,I can tell you for sure that this is the best time to get a new home .Why? Well simply because Harry’s House and Designs are having all their gorgeous buildings 50% off .That means you can buy high quality places at half of their normal price .Isn’t that fabulous?

Like I always do ,I included the slurl to their mainstore at store credits ,you only have to press it and enjoy your time at the store .As said don’t forget about buy as much as possible ,everything it’s super cheap .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Villa Bloemendaal – Harry’s House/Designer- Harry Quijote
Available at Harry’s Houses & Design Creations Mainstore


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