Glamorous Furniture//Hanging Tiki Bed

Looks like this week there are many new furniture releases ,that’s why I had to blog 2 presentations for today ,both looking simply stunning .More then this, together with the new release I have some good news coming from :Headhunter’s Island: designer .If you want to hear more ,and see what is all about then just press “Continue Reading”

As you might now it’s not the first time :Headhunter’s Island: is presented on our blog .During their time of activity they create high quality furniture pieces made in tiki style .There are some gorgeous news too .They just opened their new land so if you want to see how it looks and what they have new at their mainstore just follow the new slurl to their mainstore ,you will simply enjoy it.

Now about the item we have in the pictures .As you can see it is a bed wearing the name of Hanging Tiki bed .I so love this set ,one of the reason would be the change texture option .The pillows and the blanket come in many other texture possibility .Pressing the tray with the glasses will send to your avatar a milkshake .Oh and of course you have many poses too.This is for sure a must have..

So are you looking for a new bed made in tiki style? If you want something very relaxing for sure this will be the perfect item for you to buy .Don’t forget to take a look at their new mainstore too .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Hanging Tiki bed – Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore

2 thoughts on “Glamorous Furniture//Hanging Tiki Bed

  1. It’s from headhunters island -
    By the way i always include a slurl to the stores from where you can get the items i presented- they are at the end of each presentation right under Store List.

    Thank you and hope you enjoyed the bed,

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